A-Z Challenge 2018 – Jubilee

a2z-h-smallWe associate the word Jubilee with an anniversary typically 25 or 50 so I am stretching this Jubilee post, but only a little.

The Guild of One-Name Studies was founded in 1979 and will be 40 years old in 2019.  As a way of commemorating the Guild, the spirit of surname research on a global scale and our global membership, we endeavoured to find a project that could commemorate our organisational achievement and one that could act as a way of those members without a study cutting their teeth on one.

Let me introduce you to the Ruby One-Name Study which is a collaborative study. The Ruby study has a Blog which you subscribe to and keep up to date with. In the meantime there is a team of Guild members working on the project and making contributions. In the meantime, I have searched my Butcher database and will be submit my Butcher & Ruby marriages to the project and reconstruct the family lines. There are also some Ruby references in a variety of Italian records which I will also submit to the project at some point. If you want to contribute to the project, do drop the project leader an email.

There are a few other things planned to celebrate the Guild’s 40th birthday and for that announcements will be made via the Guild website.

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