60 Postcards: The Inspirational Story of a Young Woman’s Journey to…by Rachael Chadwick

60 Postcards: The Inspirational Story of a… Do you ever think things happen for a reason?

At the end of February, I was pondering, debating and trying be brave whilst making a decision and the right decision about my Mum’s belongings.

I had just had an idea and parked the thinking whilst I went to meet someone, who I knew, but I could not think of a good enough excuse not to meet. Whilst I parked my idea and was killing some time in the Exeter branch of Waterstones I spotted two books. This one, and the book that I reviewed yesterday.

From the moment I picked up the two books I knew that my idea was right, and the scope of this book (and other book reviewed yesterday) confirmed it.

The author, Rachael lost her Mum to Cancer in February 2012. The book centres around the early days of discovery into her Mother’s condition. The emotions that Rachael felt were not too dissimilar to my own reactions after my Mum passed away. That feeling that doing the regular stuff, such as eating, cooking dinner, watching the news. It all felt so very, very wrong. I get it, I really do. Rachael’s Mum was far too young to pass away and from the date of diagnosis to her death was a staggering 16 days.

Rachael gathered together twelve or so friends and arranged a weekend in Paris. The mission was to spread the message of her Mum’s story and the love she felt for her Mum across Parish over 60 postcards in recognition of her Mum’s 60th birthday.

The remainder of the book expresses the many laughs, thoughts, tears Rachael had on her emotional journey. The coincidences of people who picked up the postcards, and wrote to Rachael inspired on by the courage of both her mother and Rachael.

I am not going to share more of the book with you. I found it a fabulous book. Written in a conversationalist style, with true emotion that is so very easy to identify with. This is a book on so many levels. Understanding yourself, grief, dealing with the whole process of bereavement, discovery, travel, love, family and friendship

The book spoke volumes to me, without even physically speaking.

Rachael’s website can be found HERE.

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