Weekend Cooking – Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

Carrying on from last week’s post  and an post from last Monday – this is another joint weekend cooking and Paris in July post

The author reveals that she leaves London to undertake a course at a well known cooking school in Paris. From that she learns that food and meals in general are a enjoyed and timely affair and not rushed.

The book reveals the use of local shops, family run grocers, bakers, deli’s and butcher’s. Shops that have almost disappeared from the UK high streets in favour of the large, non de-script supermarket chains we have here. What local stores there are need to be supported especially in a recession!

The recipes contained within the book, might be seen as easy run of the mill cooking, with a bit of a twist and whilst I might not cook any within the Paris in July month, I think I will give a few of them a whirl!

Each recipe is shared with a small background to it, with a hint and tip and a colour picture with little snippets of French culture and photographs of people and places in Paris.

The book layout is easy to follow with the recipe and instruction on one page and the photograph on the opposite. Recipes are presented in sections

  1. Everyday Cooking
  2. Snack time
  3. Summer picnics
  4. Aperitifs
  5. Dinner with friends and family
  6. Sweet Treats
  7. French basics
  8. Cook’s notes
  9. Paris addresses
  10. Index of recipes

A great book and I really enjoyed reading it and noting a few recipes down. I am not sure that I would use it sufficiently to warrant purchasing my own copy, although I am very, very tempted!

Taking part in Weekend Cooking hosted by Beth Fish Reads and Paris in July which is hosted by Karen from BookBath and Tamara from Thyme for Tea.

Paris in July 1 – 31 July 2012

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14 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

  1. But of course I must add this to my wishlist at Amazon! How have I missed this book?!

    I, too, am combining Paris in July with Weekend Cooking. Here's my first ever Weekend Cooking: Paris in July. Hope you will stop by!


  2. Libby says:

    This looks and sounds like a great book! Good idea to read about Paris while there 🙂

    I'm jealous that you are in Paris!


  3. Carol says:

    Sounds like a terrific book. I'd like that the meals are enjoyed and not rushed!


  4. Anglers Rest says:

    I am only in Paris “virtually!”


  5. jama says:

    What a great cover. I'm intrigued. Thanks for the review, will add it to my wishlist!


  6. caite says:

    I would like an Aperitif please!


  7. Jeanie says:

    THis looks like a charming book — and a tasty one, too! If you have a chance, stop by The Marmelade Gypsy — I'm doing “Paris in July,” too!


  8. Carole says:

    Sounds like a lovely book
    Have a great week.


  9. Marg says:

    All the foodie books that I have read about Paris, seem to all stress the fact that the French take time to savour their meal, whereas I tend to eat sitting at the computer!


  10. Cecelia says:

    I love to just read cookbooks every now and again, and learn about a chef's philosophy and road to cooking. This sounds like it would be my sort of book – I'll have to get it from my library. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Beth F says:

    All these Paris books are going to kill me. LOL. I love to read cookbooks and food books, even when I have no intention of cooking from them. This sounds wonderful.

    Sorry it took me so long to visit your post. I was out of town and didn't have Internet access.


  12. Anglers Rest says:

    No problem Beth, I'm still visiting!


  13. Hello Anglers Rest!
    I'm a big fan of cookbooks too, particularly french cuisine. Though I almost never cook any of the recipes, i simply can't resist going through the recipes.
    Loved your blog! It's so full of interesting stuff! Following you now!
    Please do visit my blog at http://beashealthliving.com/ and if you like it, please do follow!


  14. Anglers Rest says:

    Hello Bea, Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoy the ramblings over here – I am just hopping over to you!


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