Weekend Cooking – Chicken & Vegetable Pasta

A few weeks ago I simply could not face the thought of shuffling around the supermarket with my bad back, so got organised and shopped on line and had the shopping delivered. All was good, until it arrived and I realised that I had ordered, and been sent the wrong size chicken portions.

Faced with a pack of boneless chicken breasts marked as mini, I did concur that they were indeed mini. Some quick thinking and I pulled together the following, which hubby said was delicious.

  1. George Foreman the chicken breasts
  2. Cook some vegetables – I cheated and used two bags of the ready prepared cauliflower, carrot and broccoli
  3. Cook some pasta shapes
  4. Make a cheese sauce
  5. Drain pasta
  6. Serve chicken and vegetables onto the pasta 
  7. Pour over cheese sauce and a few stands of grated cheese.
Cheese Sauce  – all into a saucepan!
  1. One and half tablespoonfuls of plain flour
  2. Around 2oz of butter
  3. 1pint of milk (or half milk and half water)
  4. Salt and Pepper
  5. Add to the hob and stir furiously
  6. Add grated cheese  – depending on how cheesy you like it!

Taking part in Weekend Cooking hosted by BethFishReads

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22 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Chicken & Vegetable Pasta

  1. Hi Julie – This looks really good! Your blog looks different this week! I really like the look 🙂


  2. Your pasta looks tasty; I enjoy going to the frig, pulling things out and making a yummy dinner out of it.


  3. caite says:

    hey, I am all about pasta this weekend too!
    that looks yummy..I might just stick it under the broiler a minute, to toast it all up.


  4. Carol says:

    Great way to use up the chicken, it looks delicious!


  5. jama says:

    Always happy to see another pasta recipe. Thanks :)!!


  6. Christine says:

    Oh that looks delicious! I love how you use 'George Foreman' as a verb!! haha! Awesome! 😉


  7. Joy says:

    Nice quick thinking, there! Pasta and veggies with a sauce is my go-to dish when something with a recipe isn't going to work out.

    I hope your back has healed!

    Joy's Book Blog


  8. Beth F says:

    Good job saving the day! I love pasta and your dish looks yummy.


  9. Trish says:

    I like it CHEESY! Love when things come together unexpectedly–especially when you're not feeling 100%.


  10. Wibbo says:

    That looks really tasty – I like food that tastes good and is quick and easy to prepare. Hope your back feels better soon (thank goodness for online grocery shopping!).


  11. Carole says:

    Nice post. Its amazing how much you can do when you have to be inventive without all the right ingredients.


  12. Peggy says:

    I love pasta! Here are some Chewy Granola Bars fro dessert!


  13. Marg says:

    This looks delicious, and I am pretty sure my son would love this!


  14. Anglers Rest says:

    Thanks, but I have not changed the blog. I know sometimes when I view via iPad the quilted background doesn't show. Technology!


  15. Anglers Rest says:

    It certainly beats wasting all those little bits!


  16. Anglers Rest says:

    It was Carol. The chicken being placed on the George Foreman gave it a very different, taste!


  17. Anglers Rest says:

    It was delicious – I still need to check your WC post. Hubby put his under the grill to brown it!


  18. Anglers Rest says:

    It was quick, the biggest challenge was making the sauce while checking the foreman! – the back is a work in progress!


  19. Anglers Rest says:

    So do we! I hate a bland tasting cheese sauce.


  20. Anglers Rest says:

    Marg, I am sure he wood. It was really quick and simple. Even the cheese sauce. It was a roux sauce recipe that I had from my school cooking days, old but it never fails – I just chuck it all in the pan and stir like mad!


  21. Anglers Rest says:

    It was, in fact I was thinking I might make that order error again!


  22. Anglers Rest says:

    Sad, but I have got to like online grocery shopping. With my back I found it too much of an ordeal coping with the supermarket.


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