Sunday Stamps – Europe

Welcome, to the latest Sunday Stamps posting.

I missed last week, the weekend seemed to arrive and leave with speed and before I knew it Sunday had gone! For this week I was able to rummage through my envelope of stamps still attached to envelopes and the albums. There are a few pictures this week –

From Germany

 From Italy

From Belguim

From The Netherlands

From Spain.

The first row shows stamps before Spain entered the Eurozone.

From Finland

From Italy
This one is a favourite!

From the Republic of Ireland or Eire

From Romania

Lastly, From Austria

Submitted as Sunday Stamps hosted by Viridian’s Postcard Blog

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6 Responses to Sunday Stamps – Europe

  1. You have a lovely selection here. I particularly like the Italian Christmas tree.


  2. viridian says:

    I remember those Italian Castles!
    Thank you for participating in Sunday stamps. 14 entries this week!
    I am now finally getting around to commenting – I was away at a professional conference and did not have access to internet.


  3. Ana says:

    there is a Madagascar stamp issued? LOVELY!! I just LOVE that movie and it is so nice to see it featured on a stamp!


  4. Postcardy says:

    I like the Italian Christmas tree.


  5. Dorincard says:

    Nice! I like the triceratops! 🙂


  6. Lisa B says:

    Great tour of Europe!


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