Killerton House, Devon – Part Four – Quilts

I particularly liked the Quilt on display, so much so, that I am going to share with you the photo yet again!

There was simply something about this quilt that I enjoyed, so I was delighted to see when we got to the gift shop at the exit that there was a selection of jigsaw puzzles showing this quilt. How could I resist?

 Here the pieces are, simply tipped out of the box.

A few particular shapes, I love the little rabbit & the tree!

And here it is, the completed project. This was a 40 piece puzzle which cost £6. The bigger one with 250 pieces cost £25. From looking at the puzzle it is quality and well worth the money!

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3 Responses to Killerton House, Devon – Part Four – Quilts

  1. Nancy says:

    The quilt itself is beautiful. The puzzle is very fun. I especially enjoy that four of the pieces are non-typical puzzle shapes: the tree, bunny, leaf, and squirrel. They would be fun to display by themselves or even hang on a Christmas tree (if one likes that kind of ornament, which I do!).

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Julie, Does the National Trust have an online shop to purchase the jigsaw from? It would make a great gift.
    Thank you from Claire, Hampshire


  3. Hi Claire, It would indeed make a great gift. The National Trust closes many of the houses for the winter for cleaning and restoration. The URL for Killerton is

    I did though phone Wentworth's who advise me that they can not sell privately anything with the NT logo. The NT does have a shop, which might be worth having a look

    Hope that helps and you can locate one, failing that have you looked at eBay?


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