Sunday Stamps – Lesotho Africa

Welcome, to the latest Sunday Stamps posting.

In keeping with the Africa theme for this week. Here is a set that I have kept for nearly 30 years. I can not recall where I got them from.

This set is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Scouting movement (1907 – 1982) in Lesotho

Submitted as Sunday Stamps hosted by Viridian’s Postcard Blog
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8 Responses to Sunday Stamps – Lesotho Africa

  1. A lovely sheet! I particularly like the centre section.


  2. Little Nell says:

    What a beautiful set, so much better viewed as a complete sheet. I do like the subtle rainbow colourings. Well done you for keeping hold of it for 30 years. I regret throwing out so many things like this when we moved.


  3. Postcardy says:

    That's an attractive set on a subject that is popular with collectors.


  4. Dorincard says:

    Nice philatelic design!:)


  5. viridian says:

    Wonderful as a whole sheet.
    thanks for participating.


  6. Bob Scotney says:

    A great sheet of stamps made by the panoramic strip in the middle.


  7. Joy says:

    Like everyone else I like the middle strip which seems to captures scouting life perfectly. A nice thing to have.


  8. Lisa B says:

    A lovely minisheet!


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