NaBloPoMo – Day 5 – Association

Isn’t it funny how something you see, hear, smell can be associated with a memory or a thought? The human brain is complex and I guess that this is one of those complexities.

Yesterday I read on a blog that, they had smelt the beautiful aroma of a flower. The flower in question was the Freesia’s. For me the sight or smell of Freesia’s always reminds me of my late Aunt. She always loved the pink and yellow ones.
As a child I remember visiting another of my Aunt’s she would always, without exception, as we left had my Grandmother half a dozen eggs and a Toblerone for me. My Gran would always say “Now, Rose, you know you shouldn’t” but Aunt would have none of it and insist we left with the eggs. Just how that little tradition started I have no idea.
Anyway, doing my shopping recently I wandered up the sweet isle and there looking at me, above the fun size mars bars that I usually put into Stuart’s lunch box as a treat was a Toblerone. I immediately thought of my Aunt. I am guessing that Aunt’s grandchildren liked them and she always kept a few in for junior visitors too! Anyway, I bought the Toblerone and consumed most of while writing a blog post later than evening. It looked and tasted just the same as it had one 30 odd years ago!
Happy Memories!
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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Day 5 – Association

  1. Anglers Rest says:

    It is indeed, You too Carol. Feeling better?


  2. Dizzy C says:

    It is great to get these memories back isn't it? 🙂

    Have a good weekend



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